3 Amazing Benefits For Damp Proofing Your House Now Before It Gets Worse Later On.

Damp proofing still remains a kind of mystery to some property owners and if you were to ask some of them what it is, exactly, you would probably get different answers each time. Damp proofing is the control of moisture that is applied to the walls and floors of your home and it is done to stop moisture travelling into the inside of your home. In the UK, there are thousands of homes affected by this moisture and for many, it is an ongoing thing that never seems to be addressed properly. There are a number of ways that your home can be damp proofed and one of them is by applying a damp proof course.

This kind of damp proofing in Chelsea is done to protect your home against what we call ‘rising damp’ and this is the effects of water rising from the ground into your property. The DPC (damp proof course) is usually installed under all stone walls, no matter if the wall is a supporting one or just a partition wall. Other methods include a damp proof membrane, integral damp proofing, surface coating and cavity wall construction. Whichever one is chosen, you will notice the differences that take place within the property and you will then get to enjoy the benefits.

The obvious differences that you will notice are listed here for your reference.

  1. If you or anyone in your family who suffers from health issues with regards to breathing, then you will notice almost immediate improvements in their total quality of life when you damp proof. Once the damp is gotten rid of, then mildew and mould have nowhere to grow and flourish and so their respiratory system does not have to deal with it any more. The systems of damp are not generally life threatening, but it will cause unnecessary hardship where there shouldn’t be any to begin with.
  1. Once you have the right damp proofing in place, this will help protect against structural issues. Large cracks, subsidence, as well as dry and wet rot form where there is dampness and if you do your damp proofing now, then it will help you to avoid the large amounts of money that will need to be spent later when major remedial work has to be done. Getting it done now will provide you and your family with the peace of mind needed to be comfortable in your own home.
  1. Dry rot is a type of fungus that can spread quickly around your home if it is allowed to persist. It will move into the roof space of your home where the timber is to hold your roof on and then it will expand into the plaster on the walls and even metal and then eventually cause structural damage to your home. Once that happens, you are looking at many thousands of pounds to fix it. It makes sense to spend a little now getting your home damp proofed rather than waiting and letting it get worse.

Spend a little money now that will save you many thousands of pounds further down the road when the damp in your home starts to spread to everywhere.

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